Dr Desiree Fields

Lecturer in Urban Geography,
University of Sheffield,
Western Bank,
Sheffield, S10 2TN


I am an urban and economic geographer. My work explores the financial technologies, market devices, and historical and geographic contingencies making it possible to treat housing as a financial asset, and how this process is contested at the urban scale. Beyond my appointment in the Department of Geography, I am also an Associate Fellow at the Sheffield Political Economy Research Institute and Visiting Researcher at the Sheffield Urban Institute.

I am a board member of the Urban Studies Foundation, member of the editorial advisory board of Environment and Planning A: Economy and Space, and treasurer of the Urban Geography Research group of the Royal Geographical Society.

The U.S. National Science Foundation, the British Academy, and the Independent Social Research Foundation have supported my research, which has been published in journals including Urban Studies; Economic Geography; Housing, Theory, and Society; City; and International Journal of Urban and Regional Research.