USF International Fellows 2019

The USF is excited to announce that a record-breaking eight USF International Fellowships have been awarded this July. The awards are specifically targeted towards early-to-mid career academics from the Global South, and offer full funding for visiting fellowships based at any institution worldwide. The fellowships are designed to function as writing sabbaticals under the guidance […]

USF Seminar Series Awards

After a very competitive round of applications, the Urban Studies Foundation is delighted to announce the full list of awards for our 2018 Seminar Series Competition. Given a large increase in the overall number of applications, the USF has also taken the unprecedented decision to fund a total of 11 awards in this cohort—three more […]

Summer Institute in Urban Studies (SIUS) 2018

Between 16th and 19th July 2018, the Global Urban Studies (GUS) cluster hosted the 4th Summer Institute in Urban Studies (SIUS) at the National University of Singapore. The SIUS brings together early career scholars from around the world for deliberation of professional development and discussion of cutting-edge issues in the transdisciplinary field of urban studies. […]

USF International Fellows 2018

After a competitive round of applications—with more than double the number of applicants as in 2017—the Urban Studies Foundation is delighted to announce that five candidates were successful in 2018’s International Fellowship awards. Dr. Siân Butcher from the School of Geography at the University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa, will spend four months visiting University […]

USF PDRF Awards 2017

The Urban Studies Foundation is delighted to announce five successful candidates for our 2017 round of applications to our Postdoctoral Research Fellowship schemes. Dr Pablo Arboleda will be based at the University of Glasgow under the mentorship of Professor Hayden Lorimer. Pablo’s research proposal is titled ‘Utility After Abandonment: the modern urban ruin as cultural […]