Recruiting: Three New Members on the Urban Studies Foundation (USF) Board

The Urban Studies Foundation (USF) is looking to recruit three new Members (also known as ‘Trustees’) to sit on its Board, one to commence from January 2018 and two from January 2019.

Final Programme: USF Seminar Series (Part 2), University of Southampton, September 11-12

USF is pleased to announce the final programme for the 2-day seminar: Diversity of workplaces and spaces in cities, taking place at the University of Southampton on 11 and 12 September 2017.

Successful Candidates: USF International Fellowship Award Scheme

The Urban Studies Foundation (USF) is very pleased to announce the three successful candidates from our 2017 International Fellowship competition.

USF Seminar Series (Part 2) – September 11/12, 2017

The second of three linked seminars in the ‘Reconceptualising Urban Landscapes of Work’ in the USF-funded seminar series. Taking place on 11-12 September 2017, University of Southampton.

USF Seminar Series (Part 1) – April 20/21, 2017

This is the first of 3 events on ‘Reconceptualising urban landscapes of work’. This seminar will take place on 20/21 April 2017, University of Portsmouth.